Namibia country profile: moving on from a difficult past

October 24, 2012

CNN NamibiaNamibia gained independence in 1990, but still faces numerous challenges including unemployment around 50% and some of the highest income inequality in the world.
Namibia, 'land of the brave'
Editor's note: CNN's Eye On series takes you to a different country each month. In October we visit Namibia highlighting the country's best and brightest people, plus framing its pressing issues in a global context.
(CNN) -- For a country of just 2.1 million people in an area more than twice the size of Germany, Namibia has seen more than its share of conflict over the past 120 years.
Dragged into the 20th century as a German imperial protectorate, German South-West Africa, as it was known then, was the scene of violent insurrections by indigenous people and brutal crackdowns by colonial administrators.
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