NewYearMessage President Geingob

Fellow Namibians,

As the long shadows of the dusk fall on the Year 2021 and the twilight approaches, we prepare to draw the curtain on a testing twelve months and look forward in anticipation to a new beginning, which brings promise and hope.

The Year 2021, will undoubtedly go down as a year of many trials and tribulations. A year which tested the limits of our patience, our resolve and our faith. Indeed, this was a year of resilience, in which we withstood a multitude of
challenges, most notably the assault on our way of life by the invisible enemy, Covid-19.

The havoc inflicted by this merciless pandemic of the 21st Century has been unlike anything we have experienced since our independence in 1990. Covid-19 is indiscriminate; it knows no borders, no nationality, no race, no tribe, no gender, no age and no social class. It has reached out and affected all of humanity. However, in the middle of untold despair, the war against this virus has also united people across the globe.

Although 2021 is a year many will not remember with fondness, it is a year which reminded us about what it means to be human and the most fundamental qualities (...) Please click here to continue reading the President's New Year Message.

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