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photo left: Trainees at Schwenk Plant and photo right: (left-right) Mr. Gerhard Hirth, CEO of the Schwenk Group, Ambassador Neville Gertze, Mr. Johann Trenkwalder, Plant Manager Cement Plant Group North.

Skill Transfer in Action: Ambassador Gertze welcomes 22 Namibian Ohorongo Cement trainees to Germany

On the 13th of April Ambassador Neville Gertze paid a visit to the Schwenk cement plant in Bernburg, Germany to welcome the 22 Namibian trainees who are now in Germany to complete their in-company training. In his welcoming speech, the Ambassador emphasized how proud Namibia is to have a company like Schwenk Zement AG investing in the country. He added that one of the biggest challenges for Namibia is to develop the country economically and that one important key to this is to take advantage of the country’s resources. The Ohorongo cement plant will help Namibia to develop its economy by making the country less dependent on imported strategic materials. English version, deutsche Version

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