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andjaba new presidential affairs minister2018 04 040Botschafter Herr Martin Andjaba hat am Mittwoch, dem 03. Februar 2021, dem Bundespräsidenten, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, sein Beglaubigungsschreiben überreicht.

S.E. Martin Andjaba ist somit seit 1992 der siebte außerordentliche und bevollmächtige Botschafter der Republik Namibia in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

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Statement by His Excellency Dr Hage G. Geingob, President of the Republic of Namibia, at the Opening of the 2021 Legal Year

10 FEBRUARY 2021

Last week, I opened the first session of Cabinet for this year and yesterday, I was honoured to open the 3rd session of the 7th Parliament. Today’s event, completes the opening of the working calendars of the three organs of State, namely the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. These three pillars are symbols of our Governance Architecture, which for three decades have maintained Namibia’s stature as a bastion of democracy, peace, stability and the Rule of Law.

Our constitutional democracy is anchored on key principles of justice, the rule of law, which encapsulates the supremacy of our constitution, and the separation of powers. The latter being one I want to focus on for a moment.

As a constitutional imperative the three organs of state are imbued with the responsibility to interact for the benefit of the collective good of the Namibian people. It is clear however, that they do this conscious of the clear division of responsibilities in their respective core functions, and with the intent to prevent the concentration of power and provide for checks and balances. This principle is sacrosanct and key to the functioning of the Namibian government. As a hallmark conception of our constitutional democracy, the Executive is not taking its role in ensuring that the three organs of State are separate and act independently lightly. Namibians too, must safeguard this democratic principle and not contribute to dilute its value.

The judiciary plays a central role in the interaction of this triad. And its independence is rightly and firmly entrenched in our constitution. To which end, article 78 (3), of the Namibian Constitution reaffirms:

“No member of the Cabinet or the Legislature or any other person shall interfere with Judges or judicial officers in the exercise of their judicial functions, and all organs of the State shall accord such assistance as the Courts may require protecting their independence, dignity and effectiveness, subject to the terms of this Constitution or any other law.”

As I reflect on the importance of this provision, I am also reminded that yesterday, was Constitution Day. An important day to remember where we come from and reflect on where we are going. A reminder of the solemn promises we set out in our preamble provisions and the recognition that our constitution must be transformative.

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09 February 2021

As is customary during this time of the year, the President officiates at the opening of the three Organs of State, namely the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.

Last week, I opened the first session of Cabinet, today I am honoured to officially open the 3rd Session of the 7th Parliament, and tomorrow, I will open the Judicial Year for 2021. These events should not be seen as mere formalities but should be appreciated for what they symbolize – A robust, stable and effective Governance Architecture.

Honourable Speaker,

It is apt that this year, the Opening of the 3rd session of the 7th Parliament coincides with the celebration of our Constitution Day. In commemorating this historic day, I recall the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly, which took place on November 21, 1989 at Tintenpalast, which is now our Parliament.

At this momentous occasion, I stated the following:
“The people of Namibia ... have given us a mandate to hammer out and adopt in a spirit of compromise, a spirit of give and take, a constitution that will launch our country and people into nationhood. This is a trust we dare not betray...”

At the same occasion, the Founding Father of Namibia, Comrade Sam Nujoma said the following: Namibia is a huge country with a small population. Therefore, all Namibians, regardless of colour, creed or place of origin, have a place in our beautiful country. It is for us only to reach out to one another and mould a new nation out of diversity.
With this in mind, today, we not only celebrate the existence of a supreme law in our country, but we celebrate our nationhood. We celebrate the fact that this sacred document was born from a spirit of compromise and unity. We celebrate that we live in a beautiful country; a country in which all Namibians, regardless of colour creed or place of origin, can live peacefully. This is what defines our nation. Our constitution is our voice, it speaks to who we are and therefore we must continue to uphold it, so as not to betray the trust of our people.

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145147778 3551501168294654 3931125981225513396 nIt gives me pleasure to welcome you to the Official Opening of Cabinet for the Year 2021. I hope that you have all made the most of the holiday season to get some respite and recharge yourselves in preparation for the year ahead. It is going to be a pivotal year and one during which we will all be required to maximize our individual and collective capacities.

In these extraordinary times, I wish to also express gratitude to God that we have all returned in good health. I am thankful that those of you, who were infected with COVID-19, managed to recover and regain your strength.

To suggest that the year 2020 was a challenging year would be an understatement. When we commenced our work as Cabinet at the beginning of last year, none of us anticipated what lay ahead for us.

Over the course of a challenging six-year period, this administration successfully staved off the negative effects of:

1. Unprecedented headwinds, brought about by a global economic downturn.

2. An extended period of severe periods of drought.

Having adopted a policy of fiscal consolidation while deploying economic intervention measures aimed at stimulating the economy, we were optimistic about rebounding, but alas, the arrival of COVID-19 put all of our plans into disarray.

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