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Economic Revival for Inclusive Growth - Strengthening the Namibian House


Under the theme “Economic Revival for Inclusive Growth - Strengthening the Namibian House” the Summit - a private sector-led initiative hosted and coordinated by the 22 member Panel - took place in Windhoek from 31 July to 01 August 2019. The Summit was entirely funded by the private sector. 

Economic Summit keynote addressOn 31 July 2019, His Excellency Dr. Hage G. Geingob, President of the Republic of Namibia, made the keynote address at the opening of the summit, with the purpose of exchanging views and ideas on Namibia’s response to the economic headwinds, as the country was forging a path towards recovery and growth, the President stated. (Please click on the photo to listen to the Presidents address).

Summit objectives were:

  • Generating of One Billion Worth of Investments USD
  • Removing Policy Impediments
  • Creating Employment Opportunities
  • Promoting Namibia For Investment & Tourism

In a High Level Plenary Economic Revival for Inclusive Growth: Strengthening the Namibian House, the role of the public and private sector in achieving inclusive growth and economic transformation was discussed and questions of how to achieve inclusive economic growth that addresses structural inequality. In Thematic Breakaway Sessions ideas were discussed such as how to

  • Unleash Namibia's Natural Resources in the Agriculture, Fishing, Mining sectors for increased production and value addition
  • Manufacturing in the Agriculture, Fishing, Mining sectors for increased production and value addition
  • Employment Creation: State of unemployment in Namibia | Future of work | Labour Productivity, ICT & the Future of Work | Consensus on job creation | Job creation interventions
  • Unlocking Namibia's tourism potential
  • Promoting Namibia as a preferred Investment Location
The plenary sessions on the first day focused on
  • Leveraging Regional and Continental Integration for Economic Growth
  • Leveraging Public Private Partnerships to revive the Economy
  • Ensuring Water Sufficiency: Financing Water Projects in Namibia
  • HOUSING - Mobilising Funding for Housing

and were recaptured in the plenary on Day 2, 01 August 2019, by thematic group rapporteurs. Further discussions focused on

  • Public Sector Policy Reform commitments: Policy certainty/statement/clarification
  • Private Sector Investment commitments expressed by the signing ceremony with project investor(s), and the announcement of commitments and pledges

The closing remarks and vote of thanks was delivered by His Excellency Dr. N. Mbumba, Vice President of the Republic of Namibia.

Namibia’s economic growth summit secured N$20 billion investments

In a closing off media briefing Mr Johannes Gawaxab, chairman of the newly appointed high-level panel for the Namibian economy said: “This exceeded our target of securing investments totalling one billion US dollars (about 901 million Euros)". “There were more pledges for additional projects worth N$30 billion (about 1.84 billion Euros) but we still have to scrutinise them,” Mr Gawaxab told journalists at the press conference afterwards.

Changes in Visa requirements

President Geingob in his keynote address also announced the introduction of electronic visas at entry points at a low nominal fee to be soon available. Provision will be made for easy access for highly skilled professional and sort after skills with work visas. Cabinet approved that residence visas will be offered on the back of capital investment with a yet to-be-defined threshold for foreign investors and businesspeople with already established businesses in Namibia who should be given multiple entry visas valid for five years.

Another welcome decision announced at the economic growth summit is the provision of easy access for foreign pensioners who would like to live in Namibia with residence visas. “They have their pensions in their home country but many such pensioners would like to live in our country and spend their pension money here, so let them come,” President Geingob said.

For further details please refer to the following report of 02 August, Namibia’s economic growth summit secured N$20 billion investments.

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